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About Us

We are an international foods trading and distribution company based in Los Angeles County in Southern California.


With over 30 strong years in the field, we know a thing or two about gaining a foothold in the cutthroat food industry. We've been here. We've done it. We know what it takes. Each of our sales and delivery team members have years of experience in the food and beverage industries and a thorough knowledge of our customers' business operations and needs. Whether you are our cherished customer or valued vendor, Titan Foods strives to develop long-term relationships for all parties to grow together. We forge strong partnerships with reliable suppliers around the globe that trust us with their business. This enables us to provide quality products at competitive prices and with prompt service.


We link arms nationally and globally with the reach of large corporations and take care of our customers with the warmth and flexibility of small business fashion.


A Few of Our Valued Customers

We work with both niche market retailers and global chains alike, such as 99 Ranch and Costco. 

Brands and Products

Our number one selling category is dehydrated fruit snacks. Some of the world-class products and brand names we carry include Hawaiian Host chocolates, Bahlsen gourmet biscuits, Bonne Maman jelly, and Fruit of the Earth. 

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